How To Live Forever

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TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks with documentary filmmaker Mark Wexler and professor Dr. Leslie Martin about how you could live longer by changing your thinking, setting goals and maintaining strong relationships.


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HOW TO LIVE FOREVER (HTLF): How is sort of the globalization of the fast food industry effecting us and the rest of the world?

JOHN ROBBINS (JR): What we’re seeing is the fast-fooding of our planet. We are a fast food nation, we are becoming a fast food world and we’re paying a terrible price for that...

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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 20:28


HOW TO LIVE FOREVER (HTLF):How old would you like to live to be, Pico? What’s your life going to be like when you’re older?

PICO IYER (PI): I think I’m ready to die at any moment, and I think that’s an important part of the preparation of life is being ready to disappear and taking care of your regrets in advance....

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